UHC Scenarios

 CutCleanOres drop smelted., Food drop cooked. Flint, Leather and Feathers, drop rates are 100%
RiskyRetrievalAll the gold/diamonds you mine, will go to the enderchest which is placed in 0,0.
TripleOresFood and ores are tripled when mined / harvested. All TripleOres games are CutClean.
BareBonesEnchantment tables/Anvils can't be crafted or used, Golden apples can't be crafted either. The Nether is disabled. Players drop 1 Diamond, 2 Golden apples, 32 Arrows and 2 String on death.
TimeBombWhen player dies, their loot will drop into a chest. After 30s, the chest will explode.
ExtraInvantoryUse - /extrainv - To open your extra inventory.
NoFallDamageYou cannot take fall damage.
FirelessYou cannot take fire damage.
SoupMushroom Stew heals 2 hearts.
BackPacks [TEAMS]Use - /backpack - To open the team inventory.
DiamondlessYou cannot mine diamonds. Players drop 1 diamond on death.
GoldlessYou cannot mine gold. Players drop 8 gold on death
BowlessBows cannot be crafted/used.
RodlessFishing rods cannot be crafted/used.
Vanilla+Flint and Apple rates are up.
TimberBreak the whole tree by breaking 1 block.
GoldenRetriverPlayers drop 1 golden head on death.
BloodDiamondsEvery time you mine diamonds, you take 0.5 heart of damage.
SwitcherooEvery time you shoot someone with a bow, you both switch your current locations.
GoneFishingYou start with 64 anvils, infinite levels, and a fishing rod with luck of the sea 250.
LuckyLeavesThere is a small chance of a golden apple to drop from trees.
DoubleOresAll ores that are mined are doubled.
ColdWeaponsYou can not use any enchantments that cause fire damage.
HasteyBoysAll tools when crafted are enchanted with Efficiency III and Unbreaking III.
SilenceChat is disabled. (/helpop still works)
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All scenarios are custom made by DanPlayz for the DanPowerUHC server.


ColdWeapons was suggested by Jollymelon111


Silence was suggested by ____Ash

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